When it comes to the concept of “handling your business”one phrase stands out above the rest:


This ancient piece of brilliance originally stated by Julius Caesar translates into: “I came. I saw. I conquered”.
When we at Global Recruiters were busy working on a tagline, we wanted to live up to something as powerful,
so we have declared:


These three simple words define what we do.

Regardless if you’re a candidate coming to us for a new career opportunity or a client seeking the best talent for your opening it all starts with SEARCH. At first it’s simply the search for information. We ask questions and really listen to the answers so we can understand your unique needs and wants. The more we know about what you seek, the better the match we make. We then get to work searching our database, our networks and the web to find the perfect solution for you. A few meetings later and we’re on to stage two.

We’re all about the next word. Getting people HIRED is the ultimate goal of all we do. We help companies grow with better talent and change lives for individuals by elevating their career. Our ability to help in this way is what drives each and every Global employee. HIRED is definitely one of the best parts of our career.

To fully understand the word NEXT! you’d have to play the game with us. For the purposes of this, let’s just say it applies to how we want to be your continued source of candidates or opportunities as you go through the NEXT! stage of evolution. Yeah, that sums it up nicely.

You’re probably wondering whether or not we are a fit to solve your challenges? The easiest answer is possibly. If you’re looking for talent or opportunities in the areas of: Accounting, Finance, Tax or Audit, we should be your first choice. We’ve added expertise in the areas of Construction, Sales & Marketing, H.R. and I.T. as well. We’re pretty sure we can be of service in these fields too. Have something to discuss that’s not in those buckets? Let us know. We’re very connected and will always do our best to assist.

If you’re looking for top talent or ready for a career change please reach out to us by phone at 248.239.1970 or via e-mail at jobs@globalrecruiters.com