You’re either reading this because you’re out surfing the web and decided to cruise Executive Recruiting sites OR you need to hire top-shelf talent and are looking for a partner to aid in that. Our guess is it’s the latter. Either way, Welcome to Global Recruiters.

You can learn as much as you want about us by clicking around on this site, but the real magic happens when you speak to us. While we encourage you to pick up the phone or send an e-mail, don’t be too surprised if you get a call out of the blue from us. You see we study our markets and we know what great talent looks like. As such, we often make calls on behalf of great candidates. Regardless of how we initially connect, we are sure that you’ll enjoy the experience of working with our staff and the results we create together.

While our process isn’t completely unique in the recruiting world, it is as effective as it is flexible. We know that every search is different. That’s why we customize our “keys to success plan” for every opportunity. It starts by taking the time to understand your needs. This is way more than getting a simple job description. We want to understand your corporate culture, your history and where you want to go from here. When we understand what makes a company tick, we instinctively know what sort of talent fits in best. There are lots of people who have the skills to do the job. That doesn’t always make them the best fit.



Areas of Specialty

Controller, Corporate Controller, Manager- Fixed Asset Accounting, Senior Accountant, Accounting Manager, Staff Accountant, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable

Internal Audit Manager, Auditor, Internal Audit, Senior Audit Manager, Sr. IT Auditor, External Auditor, Director of Audit

Financial Analyst, Finance Analyst, Chief Financial Officer, CFO, Finance Supervisor, VP of Finance, Vice President of Finance

Tax Associate, Tax Specialists, Customs Tax Analyst, Tax Manager – Transfer Pricing, International Tax Manager

Project Managers, Superintendents, Estimators, Architects and Business Developers

Our Guarantee

If the hired employee isn’t with you on day 61 for whatever reason; we will refill the position at zero cost to you.

Our Standard Rates

We have broken our business model into three different approaches for your convenience.

This model is the highest form of partnership. We work together exclusively to find the talent you seek. We are an extension of your team and work with you until the perfect match is made. Our standard rate for retained is a flat rate based on the candidate’s first year salary.

This model is essentially a hybrid between retained and contingency. We work together on an exclusive arrangement for 30-45 days where we are the only firm sourcing this candidate for you. If we are unsuccessful (we won’t be) you then open the search up to other companies. Our standard rate for exclusive is 20-24% of the candidate’s first year salary.

This model is essentially you work with a bunch of recruiters on an opening and the one whose candidate gets hired, gets paid. While contingency is a very common model of Recruiting it is our least preferred way to work. We want to work with you as a “Partner” and the contingency model just doesn’t allow for that. Our standard rate for contingency is between 25-30%.